We provide a wide variety of services to suit the different needs that you may have. You are already a busy creative mind worrying about creating, so let us set up the gear, turn the knobs and deal with the headaches. You have a vision, let us focus on realizing it.

CONTACT us to discuss your specific project needs. We offer bundle discounts and work with any budget!

Audio Production

We can record, mix and master your project. We will provide you with mixes ready to be published.


You have a tech ready to mix your music, but need help coming up with quality audio files? That’s were we come in. We record the multitrack project and give the raw files back to you. No hard feelings.


You recorded your music but need help taking it to the next level? Give us the raw audio files and we’ll give you a professional-sounding track. It’s like a cake! You give us the ingredients, and we’ll bake the cake for you. It’s going to be delicious… I mean great!


Your song sounds alright, but it doesn’t compare to a pro mix? Give it to us and we’ll make it sound awesome. Period.

Song and Instrument Arrangements

You have a great idea for a song, but need help piecing it together? We can help!

Voice Overs

You need to record a voice over for artistic, commercial or corporate reasons? We can help with the script, scouting the vocal talent and producing the project.

Original Music and Sound Design for Film and Theatre

Do you need original music and sound design for your next production? We will work with you and help you bring to life the world you want to create.

Corporate Jingles

Need a catchy and memorable jingle for your business? Say no more.

Web Development

Are you lacking web presence? We can help you exist! Virtually-speaking, that is… Not only that, we’ll train you so that you can take care of your business once we do our thing.

Short Video Production

Want to develop a music video? Or create an audition video? Or something else? Let us know!

Mobile Studio

If you can’t come to our studio, the studio will come to you! We have the equipment to support off-site productions.